Gluten Free Communities on Livejournal

· glutenfreevegan – Gluten free, vegan cooking
· gfvanity – Safe and Gluten-free Toiletries & Cosmetics Gluten Free and Safe Cosmetics & Toiletries Discussion Forum
· glutenfreecook/ – The Gluten Free Cook
· coeliac_recipes – Coeliac Recipies
· frugal_celiacs – Frugal Celiacs
· gflowcarb– Gluten-Free Folks Eating Low-Carb / Low-Glycemic Gluten-free, carb-conscious / low gylcemic / low-carbohydrate / sugar-free eating
· glutenfree_meal – Gluten free meals for kids and adults! A site dedicated to new and delicious gluten free meals.
· eatinglutenfree – Eating Gluten Free What CAN you eat?
· wheatbegone – No Wheat!
· special_diets – Recipes and Tips for Living on a Special Diet
Recipes and tips for living on a special or restricted diet.
· wheat_free– Living without wheat
· autoimmune_diet – Discussion of how food can affect immunity
Explores scientific support of the effect of foods in autoimmune disease
· ww_glutenfree – Weight Watchers who are Gluten Free
· foodintolerance – Food intolerances and allergies

· Glutenfreemaps – Find or post your favorite Gluten-free restaurants at this site

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Gluten Free Communities on Yahoo Groups

There are over 333 Yahoo Groups that contain gluten-free or Celiac information. You can search for them at the following links. Many of the groups offer resources, support and recipes.

Gluten-free Yahoo Groups

Celiac Yahoo Groups

Gluten Free Communities on the WWWeb

Northeast Ohio Celiac Support Group
Email for information;


Gluten Free Recipes on the WWWeb


123 GLUTEN FREE – A Cleveland Ohio based manufacturer of Gluten Free baking mixes. Site has ordering information, recipes and other resources for Celiac and other Gluten intolerances.

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free/

Better Batter all purpose Gluten Free Flour with a link to their recipe archive


Chomps Snack Sticks