just got this in my e-mail…

Celiac Awareness Tour Columbus
Gluten Free Expo

WHO: Celiac Awareness Tour (CAT)

WHAT: CAT Columbus Gluten Free Expo

Featuring: Expert Speakers – Chef Demonstrations – Gluten Free Vendor Market – Gluten Free Food Drive for Mid-Ohio Food Bank – Local Celiac Support Groups – National Celiac Organizations – Center for Celiac Research, University of Maryland

WHEN: Saturday, May 21st, 2011, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

WHERE: Aladdin Shrine Center, 3850 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43219-3044

CONTACT: Jenny Kelley, 216-526-3803, jenny@healthyfoodstv.com

Jennifer Kelley
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

I’m a Nut!

I placed an order from Nuts Online on Sunday. Today is Wednesday and I got my order. They have gluten free flours and bulk mixes (which appear to be the same as Bob’s Red Mill, at least from the mixing directions). I ordered 25 pounds of brown rice flour, 5 pounds of sorghum flour, and 10 pounds of bread mix. Since I’m currently attempting to bake bread for three (possibly soon to be four) households, I wanted to try the bulk mix. Udi bread is still the best but it’s a little expensive for that many people. I’m also going to try baking a recipe I found online that is supposed to be a clone of Udi’s bread. I’ll let you know how it goes! Meanwhile, I highly recommend Nuts Online for their fast service!

Way much going on!

What an incredibly busy few months I’ve had! Every time I think I’m going to sit down and write something for this blog, something else seems to get in the way. But I can’t let it slip away this time, even though I’m still busy!

Next Saturday, April 9th, I’ll be vending baked goods at the Gluten Free Buffet Event at Tommy’s PCR in North Ridgeville, Ohio. We’ve been going to this bi-monthly event for about a year now, and it is excellent food and great folks that attend (not to mention the fabulous Tommy’s Crew!). Stop by for my toaster tarts, hand pies, etc., and amazing cupcakes by the lovely Miss Tammy! Our local Udi’s Ambassador will also be there with samples and coupons.

Baseball season is upon us once more, and look what I found!!!

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Not Even a Crumb – PSA Project

Gluten free bloggers Deb Wheaton and Susan Valdes of Not Even A Crumb  have partnered with the Celiac Disease Foundation to make a series of nationally televised public service announcements to raise awareness about celiac disease.   Your donations would be appreciated to help make this happen.

Check it out here: Not Even a Crumb

An update at last!

Goodness gracious, I’ve been so busy I haven’t made time to update this site in ages. Here it is coming up on the holidays and I’m getting ready for my annual cookie baking frenzy.

A quick rundown on the last few months:

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2010 Gluten Free Halloween Candy List


Posted on the Gluten Free Life Blog is a handy reference for Gluten Free Candy this Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

ain’t no cure for the summertime blues?

Well, my cure for the summertime blues is our upcoming Gluten-Free Outing to Kennywood Park, near Pittsburgh PA, August 1st 2010! E-mail chandramh@aol.com for info and such.

Meanwhile, I’ve been so busy I’ve lost track of time. My latest project isn’t food related, being an all adult Theatre On Ice ensemble — but it hasn’t stopped me from cooking and eating fabulous gluten free food!

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Sunday August 1, 2010 – be there!

Sunday, August 1, 2010 will be a great day! The Silly Yaks (celiacs Yahoo group) will be having an outing at Kennywood (www.kennywood.com). Sponsored by No Wheat, No Worries and Better Batter Gluten Free Flour, we hope you can join us. For more information, e-mail chandramh@aol.com. Fun, rides, and gluten free goodies!

and the verdict is…

Not exactly Angel Food Cake, but yummy!

This is what I ended up with after my poor angel food cake died. The devil made me do it!

I finally baked something that flopped…

…literally. Onto the floor. Straight out of the pan.

I made an angel food cake from scratch. The instructions say after baking to turn the pan upside down onto a metal funnel (which I don’t own) or a bottle, to cool. It wouldn’t fit on the first bottle I tried, so I went for a smaller-necked bottle (Bard’s beer! LOL!). I turned the pan upside down. The cake fell out, knocked the bottle off the counter, and went splat on the floor.

I threw out the cake, washed the pan, and drank the beer.

So sad… I don’t have any more egg whites in the carton, and not enough whole eggs to try again.

Decided to try Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix in my “cream canoe” pan to make chocolate Twinkies. They’re baking now. :)