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Gluten Free Beer wins Gold Medal in non GF category

For the first time, the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) has bestowed a Gold Medal upon a gluten free beer, awarding it to the O’Brien Belgian Ale. In the 21 years of the Awards, they have never before deemed a gluten free beer of high enough quality to win gold. Read more about it here:

Pillsbury Pie Crust Dough Mix

I just used the Pillsbury dough to make an apple pie this morning (it is cooling now). I wanted to try this ready-made product but I’m not thrilled with the dough’s workability or fat content. The first ingredient is soybean oil. Now admittedly, the first ingredient by weight in my homemade dough is probably eggs […]

Mock rye takes second

Against gluten breads in other category

Dinner roll takes second place

Against gluten rolls

No Wheat No worries at the Coit Road Farm Market

My name is Chandra Morgan-Henley and I have celiac disease. I decided years ago that I wasn’t going to live without great baked goods, even though I can’t use any products containing wheat, barley, rye, or commercially produced oats. I started No Wheat, No Worries to bring my baked goods to others who have celiac […]

Important Information regarding Celiac and the ADA

Come see us at the Coit Road farm market

Saturday 8 to 1, corner of Coit & Woodworth in East Cleveland.

Bread baking contest results!

Yes the miraculous Mock Rye won.

Cheesy Brown Rice & Broccoli

Cheesy Brown Rice and Broccoli 1-1/2 cups raw brown rice 1 cup milk 2 cups water 1 pound frozen broccoli pieces (not chopped) 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 12 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese, divided use In a heavy 4-quart pot, put the rice, milk, water, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, and 8 ounces of the Cheddar cheese. […]

Happy New Year!

Since I just made a batch of Chex Mix, I thought I’d post the recipe. I need to set an alarm to post more often! Anyway, try this for your New Year’s Eve party. It’s incredibly simple to make, and gets eaten very quickly! Gluten Free 1950’s Style Chex Mix You will need: measuring cups […]