Pillsbury Pie Crust Dough Mix

I just used the Pillsbury dough to make an apple pie this morning (it is cooling now).

I wanted to try this ready-made product but I’m not thrilled with the dough’s workability or fat content. The first ingredient is soybean oil.

Now admittedly, the first ingredient by weight in my homemade dough is probably eggs (I haven’t weighed, I just mix it up!). And the Pillsbury dough has no eggs, so it is good for people who don’t do eggs.

As for workability, the instructions are to knead it until it is no longer crumbly. By then it is greasy. If I had foodservice gloves with me here on vacation I would have used them. Then you have to roll it out between two pieces of wax paper, peel away the top one and put it back gently, flip and peel the other one. The top crust still tore down the middle when I transferred it carefully to the pie.

Baking instructions are at a fairly high heat for pie — 425F the whole time. And the top of the pie looks kind of fried, you know the bubbly texture like McD’s fry pies. Since it’s still cooling, we haven’t tasted it yet, nor do I know whether the crust became flaky or crumbly in the baking. (My homemade dough bakes at 350F, rises like crazy and gets flaky layers — a very substantial crust that I use for toaster tarts, lunch box pies, etc, in addition to regular pies.)


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