No Wheat No worries at the Coit Road Farm Market

My name is Chandra Morgan-Henley and I have celiac disease. I decided years ago that I wasn’t going to live without great baked goods, even though I can’t use any products containing wheat, barley, rye, or commercially produced oats. I started No Wheat, No Worries to bring my baked goods to others who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and I’ve found that many of my products are enjoyed by everyone, even if they don’t need to be gluten free.

Over the past year or two I’ve built up a reputation for great gluten free bread. My rye-style bread is made with sorghum and millet flours to give it the flavor and texture of rye. I also make a tasty white bread and a honey brown bread using 8 different gluten free flours and starches. All these breads are dairy free and soy free. They do contain eggs, but I can make an egg-free bread upon request. Breads can be made in small loaves, large loaves, mini loaves, round loaves, buns, and dinner roll size.

Besides the breads, I make all kinds of quick breads (frequently banana bread, but others as well), cakes and cupcakes, muffins, many kinds of cookies, pies and tarts, sweet rolls, and coffee cakes. All of these can be made dairy free. Egg free is a little harder, so if you need egg free baked goods, please stop and talk to me so we can figure out what works best for you. Whenever possible, I use jams, jellies, and fillings that are free of high-fructose corn syrup. Most of my baked goods use pure cane sugar, honey, or real maple syrup. I can also bake with agave nectar, and if you need sugar free or corn free items, I can make them work for you.

I’m very careful about keeping things separate and clean. Any time I’m making items with nuts, I complete all nut-free items first, then carefully put them away before beginning the nut-containing items. All utensils are washed in the dishwasher or scrubbed by hand with antibacterial detergent. Large pans are always lined with parchment or foil before use, and scrubbed after use.

If you need a large party cake or a large order of cupcakes, cookies, or bread, please talk to me. I can make layer cakes in all sizes from 4″ up to 14″ round or a half sheet cake, as well as Bundt and several specialty shapes including a castle and pirate ship. I can also work with the cake decorator of your choice to make a gluten free cake that can be decorated to match your wedding or other special occasion cake.

Because I work a full time job in addition to baking, many of the items I bring to market are “previously frozen” but I always try to have at least one item fresh each Saturday. Please e-mail at least 5 days ahead for any special orders, or see me at the market to place your order for the following week.

In addition to baked goods, I’m a distributor for Better Batter Gluten Free Flour products. I use this flour in most of my own baking (except for breads). It is a fabulous substitute for all-purpose flour, allowing gluten free bakers to use many of their old recipes. I also have the Better Batter cake mixes and seasoned flour on hand, and will try to stock all of the company’s products as time goes along.

Baking runs in my family. My Aunt Sandy had this stand at the Coit Road Market for many years until I took it over from her this summer. She may also show up from time to time to visit, or bring something she has baked (not gluten free).

As the weather cools, I expect to continue the family tradition of offering delicious hot soups in addition to the baked goods. So come by and visit, and see what’s new!


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