GF Pasta At Porcelli’s

My work group had a “team building” 2-hour lunch Thursday. I dread these occasions, mostly because I draw a lot of attention quizzing the server, sending my GF dining card to the chef, etc. And usually, I end up with a boring salad with some boring grilled chicken (or occasionally steak) on it.

Well, this time was different. I was out of town when the plans for the lunch were made, and my manager insisted the group choose a restaurant with GF options. (Of course, usually the “option” is a salad…)

So we arrived at Porcelli’s, and I asked the server to take my dining card to the chef and ask if there were any GF options other than salad. She came back saying that they had GF angel hair pasta which could be had with a variety of their dishes (not, of course, the breaded ones or the Alfredo sauce). I asked for it with the Bolognese meat sauce. Note that I was still a bit dubious as to the preparation and possible cross-contact with gluten items.

When the pasta arrived, following a very simple side salad, it was a HUGE serving. I suspect they took the entire half-pound box of rice-based angel hair and cooked it for me. I was still a little trepiditious about whether it was GF since the strands were cooked to al dente perfection and twirled beautifully on the fork. I tasted, and could not detect anything different about the pasta from the rice pasta I make at home. (Usually I can taste gluten unless it’s just a trace of cross contamination.) It was excellent with the meat sauce.

I brought home leftovers, shared with two GF buddies (none of the three of us had any symptoms, so if there was CC it must have been very minimal!), and still had enough left for lunch the following day. As leftovers, it was much more apparent that it was rice based, as the long strands broke up in typical GF fashion upon reheating.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Porcelli’s is located on East Sixth Street just south of Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland. I think when I go back there, I’ll take along a loaf of my homemade crusty GF bread to complete the dining experience!

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