bean burrito? yum!

Tonight I tried my hand at the Better Batter flour recipe for flour tortillas. I discovered that the uncooked tortillas are unbelievably delicate, but once cooked they are awesome! I had my first bean burrito in something over 8 years. Yum yum yum.

The recipe says it makes eight tortillas of 6-8 inches diameter. I made 8 (although one got away before cooking so I only had 7 finished tortillas). They were bigger than 8 inches. I did not trim them to be perfectly round, although I may the next time I make them. They have to be rolled very very thin, with plenty of flour on the rolling surface, then slipped carefully onto a plate to transfer to the griddle. I am still relatively speechless about the fabulous taste and texture of the tortillas. My friend (also GF) described them as “food of the gods”! :)

I didn’t get to take a picture, I was too busy eating. Will take one next time…

If you use Better Batter flour, this is definitely a recipe to try!

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