Way much going on!

What an incredibly busy few months I’ve had! Every time I think I’m going to sit down and write something for this blog, something else seems to get in the way. But I can’t let it slip away this time, even though I’m still busy!

Next Saturday, April 9th, I’ll be vending baked goods at the Gluten Free Buffet Event at Tommy’s PCR in North Ridgeville, Ohio. We’ve been going to this bi-monthly event for about a year now, and it is excellent food and great folks that attend (not to mention the fabulous Tommy’s Crew!). Stop by for my toaster tarts, hand pies, etc., and amazing cupcakes by the lovely Miss Tammy! Our local Udi’s Ambassador will also be there with samples and coupons.

Baseball season is upon us once more, and look what I found!!!

The Cleveland Indians have added a new stand with GF beer, fries, a hotdog with GF bun, and more! (Not all offerings at this stand are GF — some are vegan — and I told the worker they should either get rid of the Twizzlers candy or mark it “Not Gluten Free”.) But how awesome is that! A couple years ago, they got Redbridge beer because I asked for it. Last year — mid-season — they added a stand with a dedicated potato fryer. And now they’re really on board with GF hot dog buns! Yay!!!

Upcoming will be our summer excursion to Kennywood amusement park in the Pittsburgh PA area. Please e-mail if you’re interested in joining us.

I hope I can get back here at least every couple weeks from here on… so until next time, enjoy all that fabulous gluten free food!


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2 Responses to “Way much going on!”

  1. Heather Says:

    This is so cool. I will be coming from Florida this week, and Saturday I will be at Progressive for a game! I am totally getting my grub on. I am going to borrow your pic for my blog, I hope that’s ok.

  2. chandra Says:

    Sure its fine, thanks for the linkback. Enjoy the game, be sure to stay for the fireworks. Rock-n-blast is the best show all season. Remember, even tho there are GF hot dogs and Redbridge beer, you can take food in with you. Just no cans or bottles.