Lake Placid, Le Garden Bakery and Simply Gourmet

As promised, here is my actual review of my trip to Lake Placid. I didn’t have the opportunity to visit many restaurants because I spent two solid days inside the Olympic Center skating and watching my friends skate in the ISI Adult Championships. Which is how I discovered gluten free sandwiches from Simply Gourmet on Saranac Avenue and the Big Mountain Deli & Creperie on Main Street. They deliver locally, free delivery on orders of $25 or more. The restaurants are actually two locations of the same operation and the menu is the same. (And a glutenoid friend of mine said the banana hazelnut dessert crepe was fabulous.)

I didn’t ask about the crepes being GF, so I don’t know if they are or not, I stuck with the sandwich menu. There are 46 sandwiches on the menu and you can design your own as well. There are about 8 different breads, one of which is gluten free. When I asked where they get their gluten free bread, the server provided me with a tag from the bread package. The bakery is called Le Garden Bakery in Lansing, NY. The variety used in this restaurant is the Multi-Grain Sandwhich Loaf — “sandwhich” is their spelling, not mine. The bread was dark and a little dense but not crumbly. It was very tasty with my roast beef and cheddar sandwich!

Now for the sad confession — I’m supposed to be on a no-sugar, no-starch diet at the moment while I’m off my diabetes meds. But when I saw a restaurant menu with gluten free bread, I caved. And it was worth it! (I got right back on my oh-so-boring diet when I got home.)

Not so very worth it was the French Meadow Bakery cupcake I bought in the local grocery store. The cupcakes were dry and a little stale. My glutenoid friends varied on their reviews of them (the crepe loving friend actually LIKES her cupcakes dry and stale…) but I was less than thrilled. My own homemade cupcakes are better.

Aside from these forays into the temporarily-forbidden carbs, I mostly lived on what I brought with me (Greek yogurt, protein bars, etc.) for breakfasts and some lunches, supplemented by the old standby salads with grilled chicken for dinners. One restaurant had chili that was GF (they had both beef chili and vegetarian chili; both were GF, I had the beef). A BBQ place my friends insisted on visiting was the least GF-friendly place we went. I was told that NOTHING was safe due to vinegar. No matter how I insisted that I was OK with vinegar (as long as it wasn’t malt vinegar), apparently the cook in this place had learned many years ago what not to give celiacs to eat, and he insisted that vinegar was not safe and therefore I could only have dry grilled chicken (and it was DRY), corn on the cob (I nibbled, it wasn’t great), and salad. So that was about the worst eating experience I had in my 5 days away from home.

Sunday, I made sure to hike up the street to Big Mountain Deli again to get an extra sandwich for the trip home on Monday. Tucked it into the little fridge in my hotel room overnight, and it was a yummy lunch on the road!

For my next road trips… four days in Columbus, Ohio — October 22-25, followed by a weekend in Cincinnati November 6-8. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. Julie Says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed our bread while you were on your trip. I wanted to let you know that our bread is 0g of sugar per (1/2 inch) slice and is a great base for any sandwich for diabetics. The recipe was formulated specifically for those with sugar issues and gluten intolerance. The protein and fiber count is at 2 or 3 grams per slice depending on the flavor of bread you have. Our breads are all gluten/dairy/nut/soy/corn/potato-free. (Thanks for pointing out the missed spelled word for us…we will make sure that is corrected) :)