Gluten free – Sangria Beef Stew & Rice Noodles

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2 Lbs generously chopped stewing steak
3/4 bottle cheap Sangria wine from the Supermarket (Keep the left over wine)
2 Leeks cleaned and sliced
8 small baby potatoes
Two handfuls of frozen baby carrots
4 – 6 small tomatoes chopped
Olive oil
Basic Herb mix – crushed in the palm of your hand when you add it, to release flavours

Oil the interior of the crockpot with the Olive oil. Toss in the leeks, the potatoes, the meat, Sangria, tomatoes and seasonings. Give a healthy stir and cover. Switch on your crockpot — only had a few hours, so I cooked it on high for three hours and then did one hour and a half on slow while I threw a fruit salad together and made a loaf of bread.

In about three or four hours, you should have a fab smelling and cooked stew with a fair bit of juicy gravy.

Add on top of the cooked stew:

Gluten free Rice Noodles
(Allow 1/4 to 1/2 a cup dry per person)**
Pour in the rest of the Sangria

Cover and cook for another thirty minutes on high.

Stir your stew well. Switch off your crockpot. Serve at your leisure.

This and other gluten-free recipes can be found at the Livejournal Community “what a crock

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